Communication Enhancements – July 2017

July has been focused on enhancing communications for our clients by implementing tailored solutions for several customers to improve their communication with their clients.

Customer support is one of the most vital aspects to any product or service. Our team understand this, and endeavour to grow with you and your business. Implementation of helpdesk systems and communication strategies are one way to improve your support.

Freshdesk is a helpdesk solution that allows businesses to meet service level agreements, ensure customers are responded to and to allow automation of repeated processes. Freshdesk has a number of plans available for small to large businesses, and integrates with many applications including JIRA, SalesForce, Slack, MailChimp and many other products. Freshdesk was quickly picked up and benefits seen within the first month for our clients.

MailChimp provides campaign management and enhances your marketing and communication abilities. Why post to several mediums manually, when you can simply create your campaign in MailChimp, and automatically have it published via email, Facebook, Twitter and posted on your website? MailChimp allows customisation to suit your brand and is guaranteed to save you time, and enhance your communications!

Contact us today for a communication solution tailored for your business!