Welcome to Audio, Visual and Computing Technologies Wollongong! We pride ourselves in many technical fields, with several years experience in audio, visual and computing fields.

Audio is one of the most important aspects to any event. Making sure your message is heard, and clearly understood is critical for any project. From production grade sound systems for audiences of all sizes, right through to radio communication solutions to ensure your team is able to communicate at all times.

Visual elements to an event can transform your event from a basic get together in a bland room or park to an aesthetically pleasing, custom designed location – with both lighting and vision systems, we can transform your next event.

Computing in the 21st century is constantly changing. Keeping up with all this change can be difficult, but that’s where specialists come in! Server management, business websites and social media management are just some of the core components we can assist your business with. We also design custom solutions for clients as required, such as web applications, network installations and CCTV implementation.

Need help? Contact our team and one of our helpful team members will contact you regarding your next project!